Those willing to let me inflict my thoughts on them have several options:

Technology, Teamwork & Excellence (2019)
We are well past the time that the presence of computers and other technology by itself somehow conveyed something distinctively positive about a school. In this book we explore the better questions of how we use what we have, how we share the stories of our successes, and how we as a team of educators build a culture of exploration for everyone. (Amazon) (NCEA)

Making Your Teaching Something Special (2017)
Fifty 2- to 3-page chapters designed to help every teacher find ways to improve. Sections cover rapport with students, assessments and assignments, delivery, professionalism and collegiality, and logistics. (Amazon) (bulk orders)

Making Your School Something Special (2016)
How teachers and school leaders can make what happens in classrooms not just better, but the stories that drive opportunities within and beyond the campus. Sections cover making learning powerfully memorable, fostering and sharing successes, and building confidence. (Amazon) (bulk orders)

Next Vista for Learning Monthly Newsletter
Each month, I share ideas, stories, projects, and mountains-o-freebies. The focus is the free library of videos by and for students and teachers everywhere that is the primary effort of Next Vista for Learning, a 501(c)(3) educational charity I started in 2005. (Newsletter Sign-up) (