A teacher willing to engage in a little creative fun opens avenues for learning that students might not otherwise see.

I write this thinking about the Kahoot game that my friend Nate Gildart (Nagoya International School, @nathangildart) made to help students learn about some of the truly beautiful ways people are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

The ten questions are not really meant to test students’ knowledge, but rather give them an interesting way to consider what kindness someone may have done before learning what it was.

Of course, giving students an interesting path to learning something is a good move in any setting.

I often say in my speaking and as part of the training sessions I do that we don’t spend enough time exploring the pedagogical value of fun and cool.

Nate’s game is a fun and timely reminder of that value.

Thanks to all who registered for last week’s webinar on Activities Across Grade Levels for Digital Learning. If you missed it, feel free to watch the recording and register for a second episode in that series we’ll do this Wednesday at 10:30a and 1p (US Pacific time). Both the recording and link for registering are here.

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