There is something about great animated stories that allow us to work with our feelings in ways sometimes different than seeing footage of actual people.

This award-winning story is called Umbrella, and it’s a reminder that we don’t and can’t know all the stories behind why students act the way they do.

However, as I wrote about in a book several years ago, if we keep a clear sense of our lack of omniscience, we might be able to support a child at a time it is most needed. 

This video runs a little under eight minutes, and is well worth your time. Have a tissue close by.

Click here to watch Umbrella.

I’ll share this one in the March issue of Next Vista’s newsletter. If you missed my February one, click to take in all the goodies I assembled for you.

The book I referenced is Making Your Teaching Something Special. Please give it a look!

divider image credit: birds minimal by Photos_kast from Pixabay (license)

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